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  College Study Tours
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For Travelers age 30 and older

EF is the World Leader in International Education

Over the past 50 years, we’ve helped more than 15 million people become citizens of the world by breaking down barriers of language culture and geography. As the world leader in international education, our reach includes nearly 400 offices in more than 50 countries. Through educational travel, cultural exchanges, language training and degree programs, we put education first.


EF's price includes everything you need:

  • On-tour transportation

    We take care of all the travel details so professors, chaperones and students can enjoy the tour to the fullest. That means we take care of flights, buses, trains, cruise ships, ferries, and subways.
  • Accommodations

    Ok, everyone might be too excited to sleep. But for those who are ready for a good night’s rest, we ensure safe, comfortable hotels with private bathrooms.
  • Meals on tour

    Daily breakfasts and select local dinners are included in your tour. Generally, we leave lunch up to you so your group has an opportunity to explore its own tastes.
  • 24/7 Tour Director

    We have the best Tour Directors in the business. Your group will have a trusted, friendly guide at your side full-time on tour to manage all logistics, offer insight and guidance, and respond to any unexpected challenges.
  • Expert local guides

    For select attractions, EF arranges for your Tour Director to be joined by licensed local guides offering deep knowledge and exclusive access.
  • Admission to the world's greatest attractions

    Museums, cultural attractions, national parks, and much more are key elements of the tour experience, and entrance fees are included.
  • Connections with friends and family

    TourLink, our online travel journal, is the place for students, professors and chaperones to share the tour with friends and family back home. It also connects to Facebook for even more fun.
  • Worldwide support, safety and security

    We have over 400 schools and offices in more than 50 countries, which means if something happens, we can react quickly and in person. We also include our $15 million liability policy and $1 million consumer protection plan at no additional cost to travelers.

Everything included in this EF tour:

For more information, call us at 800-873-2250